Enquiry Qualifaction

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Enquiry Qualification

Identify the most promising ones from the vast pool of captured Enquirys; the ones most likely to convert, and the first among equals!

Enquiry Profile: Consortium of Enquiry activities

Summarize your Enquiry based on the data (behaviour) they provide in OneView: every Enquiry interaction to understand their interests, Enquiry-counsellor contacts: calls, follow-ups,remarks etc., automatically append activity summaries to profiles in the system, enabling teams for a relevant follow-up discussion.

Highly Customizable Behavioral Scoring Criteria

A Enquiry score is a numerical expression of a Enquiry potential. It quantifies behavior and information into a metric that can be interpreted to automatically channel Enquiry to the right bucket.

Actions like opening an email, clicking on the link provided in the email, registering for an application, visiting your website, add to a Enquiry's overall score.

Knowing who is a good fit for you allows you to market more efficiently and reallocate your valuable time to the Enquiry that are more likely to be converted.

Comparative Standing: Engagement Strength

Engagement Strength is a statistical measure indicating the comparative standing of a particular Enquiry in the vast Enquiry pool. No filter, no sorting Engagement Strength helps you depict which Enquiry is more interested (likely to convert) within the pool. The higher the strength, the faster the chances of conversion.

Enquiry Qualifaction Benefits


Qualitative segmentation of large enquiries (leads) databases.


Better qualification of Enquiry for quick, personalised, and timely communication.


Higher conversion rate by reaching out to low hanging fruits.


Higher productivity thanks to efficient prioritization that allow a solid qualification of Enquiry pipeline.